u'ivla fu'ivla

x1 is a word meaning x2 in language x3 and silly/funny/clever for reason x4 (usually etymological).

The word u'ivla is itself an u'ivla, as it is an unconventional portmanteau of u'i and -vla- (a rafsi of valsi) and also a pun on the word fu'ivla. Another example is u'imla.

In notes:

x1 (object/dimension) is shortest among set x2 (set) in respective dimensions x3 (default: the longest for each).
v1 is a loanword meaning v2 in language v3 based on foreign-language word l2.
x1 (si'o / proposed-or-existing cmavo) deserves a monosyllabic cmavo x2, even though language x3 (default Lojban) is running out of cmavo space, because of letteral-manipulation cmavo x4 and other-rarely-used cmavo x5, and it must have that monosyllabic cmavo at time x6 (default: lo ca'abna), [insert expletive x7 (default zo mabla)] it!
x1=m1=p1 is a pessimist, with thoughts x2=m2=p2.
x1 is an autonym (word that describes itself) meaning x2 in language x3
x1=v1=z1 is an irregular/free-form content word meaning x2=v2=z2 in language x3=v3 (usually Lojban); x1 is a stage-4 or stage-3 fu'ivla.
x0: Lojban is love, Lojban is life. (nullary predicate)
x1 is a fucked up/snafu/gaffe/messed up (wrong) event/situation caused by x2 by standard x3; x2 fucks up in doing or by causing x1.
a'oi (exp!)
vocative: slightly piratical greetings
Elliptical elliptical. Beware, its grammar is also elliptical.
ii'au (exp!)
attitudinal: yee-haw!
ni'u'u (exp!)
scalar negator: not at all, no way
o'ai (exp!)
vocative: slightly surprised greetings
x1 is a knockoff/off-brand version of product x2.
x1 finds x2 so powerfully cute they (metaphorically) die from cuteness
x1 is a dialect of language x2 which is weird or alien to x3 and which is used by x4.
x1 is the set of all languages with defined ISO 639-3 codes
x1 is an obscure experimental cmavo that nobody uses, of selma'o x2 (probably also experimental), with meaning/function x3 in usage (language) x4
x1 (quantity) is a hair cleaning/care/maintenance/styling substance/product for purpose x2 of composition x3; x1 is a quantity of hair product
x1 (object, process, quote, etc.) is a fail-safe mechanism/command or safe-word which halts activity x2 (nu) and produces outcome x3 (nu).
x1 is an especially inappropriate anglicism made by x2, inappropriate according to x3
x1 is someone who constantly annoyingly reminds other Lojbanists including x2 to not forget about mandatory pauses in speech
x1 (text) is a zi'evla made of UI cmavos, optional glue, and a rafsi or piece of a gismu; meaning x2 (ka) in language x3.
x1 (nu) is the act of x2 (person, entity, etc.) looking up the (definition vel sim. of the) word "xekcedipasocire" in dictionary/resource x3.
x1 dances the Macarena
name: forgetful stubborn supporter of pre-Dotside Lojban.