vau GIhAVAU cmavo

elidable: end of sumti in simple bridi; in compound bridi, separates common trailing sumti.

On affix form:

x1 contains/holds/encloses/includes contents x2 within; x1 is a vessel containing x2.

In definition:

x1 is the selma'o "VAU".

In notes:

Adverbial, metacommentary-introducing, and complex discursive: $$ I express this utterance/construct/(rest of the) bridi which has been tagged for the purpose or goal of enacting, causing, enabling, implementing, actualizing, manifesting, enhancing, yielding, or rendering applicable the immediately following and enclosed bridi or in order to make the immediately following and enclosed bridi be true (or closer to the truth or more true or more strongly true) in application to the utterance/construct/rest of the bridi which has been tagged by this marker; the tagged expression/construct is for the benefit or sake of making the immediately following and enclosed bridi true.
universal famyma'o: terminates the most recently opened construct or clause.
afterthought abstraction wrapper
i'au (exp!)
reset bridi-level to zero
x1 (group of entity) compete with each other in competition x2 (property of each member of x1) where each member of x1 has goal x3 (property of member of x1) that is the same for all members of x1
x1 is a part of Lojban text representing rule 'fragment' according to the first edition of the book 'The Complete Lojban Language'.