vu'u VUhU1 cmavo

n-ary mathematical operator: minus; subtraction operator; [(((a - b) - c) - ...)].

See also su'i, sumji

In notes:

n-ary mathematical operator: plus; addition operator; [(((a + b) + c) + ...)].
x1 is the difference x2 minus x3; x1 is the amount that remains in substracting x3 from x2.
x1 is the subtraction-difference of x2 and x3 (and x4 etc.); x1 = x2 - x [ - x4 etc.]
ma'oi'e (exp!)
Like "ma'oi" but outputs the officially-designated/canonical sub-selma'o (if any) to which the immediately following and quoted word (cmavo) belongs, otherwise outputting the whole relevant selma'o in fashion equivalent to "ma'oi".
pau'oi (exp!)
unary mathematical operator: predecessor/diminish/decrement (by one), \operatornamepred(a) = a-- = a-1
te'o'a (exp!)
unary mekso operator: natural exponentiation operator exp, where exp(a) = ea \forall a.
vu'ai (exp!)
base-dependent digit: the maximum possible single-digit number expressible in the relevant number base.
x1 is the absolute difference of numbers x2 and x3 ; x1 = |x2 - x