xe'o UI3 experimental cmavo

discursive: simply/merely/just, "all there is to it" - not simply, not just, "there's more to it"

In the positive, this conveys that reality is simpler or more restricted than the listener might be thinking; in the negative, it tells the listener that there's more to the truth than they might be thinking. Example: "I'm only/just joking" isn't mi xamsku po'o (that means "all I do is tell jokes") and isn't mi xamsku sa'u (that means "to put it simply, I'm joking" but leaves room for a more complicated sa'unai truth). This word offers mi xamsku xe'o. Similarly, grana xe'onai says that we're talking about "not just a stick" (there's more to it than that: maybe it's a magic wand).

On affix form:

x1 (person) is kind to x2 in actions/behavior x3.