xo'e PA4 experimental cmavo

elliptical/unspecified number.

See also no'o, tu'o, xo, zo'e, co'e, and do'e.

In definition:

xo'ei (exp!)
unary mekso operator: produces a string of n consecutive "xo'e"'s, treated as digits (concatenated into a single string of digits)

In notes:

null operand (used in unary mekso operations).
su'ero (comp!)
digit/number: any number
x1 is an unknown value/argument, unknown to x2
bu'o'e (exp!)
elliptical/unspecified/vague letteral/symbol
ju'ai (exp!)
Default number radix modifier: changes the value of the default radix assumed for any numeral lacking an explicit radix within the following text, until another {ju'ai} appears.
ku'i'a (exp!)
PA: blank/empty digit
ma'o'e (exp!)
mathematical operator: vague/elliptical/general/generic operator
na'a'u (exp!)
not a number
sai'ei (exp!)
turns PA into CAI; intensity attitude modifier expressed by a mekso.
si'i'ai (exp!)
digit/number: a finite/bounded number, finitely many.
xo'e'o'e (exp!)
elliptical/unspecified/vague single-symbol (general)
x1 is a generic/elliptical-referent/unspecified-referent word of type x2 (ka/selma'o) in language x3.