cple'ijdu fu'ivla

x1 gives/donates/pays/remunerates/exchanges/vel sim. x2 (money, remuneration, payment, bartered good, kind, specie, item, gift, vel sim.) to x3 (recipient, seller, vel sim.).

"To transfer or transmit any( )thing of value or interest". Combines "canja", "vecnu", "pleji", and "dunda"; the semantic scope is broader than the union of these words though. Includes a transfer of funds between bank accounts, liens, etc., even for the same account owner or property. The giving of x2 may be in exchange for something or to make a debt whole vel sim., or it might not be; thus, this word abstains from specifying the cause of such a 'giving'. Any sort of intentional giving of ownership/custody of something of value to someone, in the broadest sense, is encapsulated by this word. "Transmit", "broadcast", "impart", "teach" can be included in the list of possible meanings in certain mindsets, interpretations, or contexts. Beware sumti raising (ownership/physical possession of an item is given, for example).

In notes:

x1 gives/pays x2 to someone who gives pays (some portion of) x2 or the equivalent thereof (possibly united with other things) to someone who gives/pays ... to someone who gives/pays (some portion of) their relevant gift/payment or the equivalent thereof (possibly united with other things/payment) to x3 through intermediate steps x4 (ce'o).