ganseti fu'ivla

x1 is the sensation/qualia (abstract) associated with objects with property x2 (ka), via sense x3 (ka), as sensed by x4

lo ganseti be lo ka (ce'u) xunre = 'the color red', lo ganseti be lo ka (ce'u) sudga = 'the sensation/feeling of dryness'. x3 is the involved sense, e.g. lo ka viska for sight; this can often be left unspecified. See also ga'ei, ganse, li'i, li'imdu, gansetifri

In notes:

x1 synaesthetizes qualia x2 with qualia x3 (but not necessarily the inverse) under conditions x4.
x1 resembles x2 in color x3
abstractor: sensation / qualia abstractor; x1 is the sensation / qualia associated with objects with property [bridi, bound to ce'u], via sense x2, as sensed by x3
x1 feels sensation / qualia x2 via sense x3 (ka) // {ka'e gansetifri} = x1 is sentient (able to feel subjective conscious experiences)
x1 (li'i) is the subjective conscious experience of x2 (nu or ka-of-x3), as experienced by x3