rau'o UI experimental cmavo

flag a quote/sedu'u statement in order to indicate that the text is substantially the same in all relevant important aspects (usually including content), translated with this meaning, "to this/that same effect" - - (nai:) untranslated, original and exact wording

When translating a foreign text/utterance into Lojban, the original untranslated (non-Lojban) text/utterance would be marked with "rau'onai" and the Lojbanic version which is a faithful translation would be marked with "rau'o". The original text may be Lojbanic though, in which case "rau'onai" would suggest confidence that the quote/wording is exactly as originally expressed (modulo changes such as via "lo'ai" etc., vel sim.), whereas "rau'o" would indicate slight rewording (due to change in grammatical or external context, loss of memory accuracy, etc.) which does not affect the basic features of the text/utterance (such as meaning; possibly including things such as particular word choices or poetic qualities). Segment a text into multiple strings and modify those strings via this word individually and then reconcatenate them if you wish to indicate varying degrees of textual fidelity which do not apply overall/generally or to emphasize or specifically mark out particular segments as having a certain fidelity quality. A mild reworking of the exact wording would be marked by "cu'i" vel sim., depending on subjective or objective degree of change. See also "ra'o", "sa'a"/"to'i", "mu'o'u", "lo'u", "rau'oi".

In notes:

Marks an endpoint of a quote/string/expression and specifies that (relative to the original) the quote/string/expression so marked is complete, accurate, and well-portrayed by the quote/string/expression on the relevant side of the excerpt, including wrt all relevant information and when factoring in the content and context of the quotation-external discourse in which said quote/string/expression appears; indicator that quote mining or cherry-picking did not occur and that the excerpt which is quoted is not deceptive.
quote marker: indicates that the quotation being marked has experienced exactly no change in meaning/has the original meaning and is the same in all important qualities - approximately the same meaning/having generally the same idea or effect or message - substantially changes in meaning or some important quality