sai'ei MAI experimental cmavo

turns PA into CAI; intensity attitude modifier expressed by a mekso.

Used to provide a numerical description of the value on an axis where the attitude intensity of the preceding UI word lies. 1 is taken as the default. For example, na'oi = "pa sai'ei", sai = "so'o sai'ei", cai = "so'i sai'ei", cu'i = "no sai'ei", nai = "ni'u pa sai'ei". Often the word preceding sai'ei will be a subjective number rather than an objective one, or else a number that has more significance than just a raw value: no, ni'u pa, and ci'i are examples. In particular, "ci'i sai'ei" ("to an infinite extent") can now be expressed. Also "xo sai'ei" (how strongly?), "xo'e sai'ei" (to some unspecified extent), "tu'o sai'ei" (there isn't really a degree of strength) and other pseudonumbers in PA can be used to create unique and very Lojbanic descriptions. See also: sai, cai, cu'i, nai.