spuda -spu- gismu

x1 answers/replies to/responds to person/object/event/situation/stimulus x2 with response x3.

x3 also answer/reply. If x2 is a person/object, it will usually require "tu'a" indicating that the reply/response is to that person/object doing something. "tu'a" may not be needed if the person/object itself is the stimulus, rather than something it is doing. See also cusku, preti, nabmi, danfu, frati, cpedu.

In notes:

x1 requests/asks/petitions/solicits for x2 of/from x3 in manner/form x4.
x1 (agent) expresses/says x2 (sedu'u/text/lu'e concept) for audience x3 via expressive medium x4.
x1 is the answer/response/solution/[reply] to question/problem x2.
x1 reacts/responds/answers with action x2 to stimulus x3 under conditions x4; x1 is responsive.
x1 (event/state) is a problem to/encountered by x2 in situation/task/inquiry x3.
x1 (quoted text) is a question/query about subject x2 by questioner x3 to audience x4.
s1 snaps in response to person/object/event/situation/stimulus s2 with response s3.
s1=p1 protests/objects to/complains about s2=p2 with action s3=p4 to audience p3.
x1=se2=p3=sp1 answers one's own question about subject x2=p2.
x1=c1=s1 responds to x2=s2 by expressing/saying x3=c2 to x4=c3 via expressive medium x5=c4.
lu'ei (exp!)
convert a grammatical quotation to a tanru unit; x1 expresses/says the quoted text for audience x2 via expressive medium x3.
su'a'a (exp!)
discursive: responding quickly - responding after a long time/necroposting.
uei (exp!)
discursive: optional answer premarker
x1 is immune to pathogenic action x2 (property of x1) towards it by showing x3 (property of x1)