nulpa experimental gismu

x1 is 1 [1×100] of x2 in dimension/aspect x3 (default is units).

This is the null SI prefix, but it does not have a name in English or any truly official SI documentation; so, one meter is equal to one 'nulpa'-meter. nulpa = kamre li pa. See also: grake, mitre, snidu, stero, delno, molro, kelvo, xampo, gradu, litce, merli, centi, decti, dekto, femti, gigdo, gocti, gotro, kilto, megdo, mikri, milti, nanvi, petso, picti, terto, xatsi, xecto, xexso, zepti, zetro, kamre.

In notes:

x1 is a (unit consisting of) x2 (li; number) of x3 in dimension/aspect x4 (default units)
x1 is \sqrt(A) [decimal: 1×10+(1/2)] of x2 in dimension/aspect x3 (default is units).