pa zei jarnezi zei-lujvo

x1 is a part of Lojban text representing rule 'text-1' according to the first edition of the book 'The Complete Lojban Language'.

Inner structure of the rule: ((I (jek | joik)? (stag? BO)? #)+ | NIhO+ #)? paragraphs?. For the description of the syntax see jarnezi.

On affix form:

x1 (event/state) is a punishable crime/[taboo/sin] to people/culture/judges/jury x2.

In definition:

coi'e (exp!)
x1 is PA hours in duration by standard x2.
dau'u (exp!)
variable identifier article: refer to the referents of the variable having the following predicate as its name; such a variable may be implicitly bound by {PA broda} or {LE broda} phrases; if no such variable has been previously bound, the referents are left to the context to determine; the referents are not claimed to actually satisfy the predicate after which the variable is named.
doi'e (exp!)
x1 is PA days in duration by standard x2.
jei'o (exp!)
x1 is PA weeks in duration by standard x2.
ku'i'a (exp!)
PA: blank/empty digit
lei'o (exp!)
x1 is PA months in duration by standard x2.
moi'e (exp!)
x1 is PA minutes in duration by standard x2.
moi'o (exp!)
x1 is the PA-th date/time of unit x2 (si'o) counting from x3 (default: now) by calendar x4
mu'ei (exp!)
Converts PA into tense; in [number (usually nonspecific)] possible worlds/alternate histories where [sumti (du'u)] is true
nei'o (exp!)
x1 is PA years in duration by standard x2.
noi'a'u (exp!)
PA nonrestrictive/incidental relative clause; attaches to a PA number/numeral/digit with the ke'a referring to that PA number/numeral/digit.
poi'a'u (exp!)
PA restrictive relative clause; attaches to a PA number/numeral/digit with the ke'a referring to that PA number/numeral/digit.
sai'ei (exp!)
turns PA into CAI; intensity attitude modifier expressed by a mekso.
soi'e (exp!)
x1 is PA seconds in duration by standard x2.
xo'e'o'ei (exp!)
At-most-unary mekso operator: like {xo'ei} but for selma'o XOhEhOhE, rather than just PA
x1 is the selma'o "PA".
x1 is a quantity of/contains/is made of protactinium [Pa]

In notes:

noka'ono (comp!)
Complex zero; 0 = (0,0) = 0 + 0i.
pisu'osoi'ai (comp!)
digit/number: at least almost-all of; at least almost-certain; 100%.
xe'enai (comp!)
digit/number: specific referent; modifies quantifier to indicate that there are particular referents that fulfill the predicate
The date [day,week,month,year] x1=d1=k1 is recurrence/repetition of the date [day,week,month,year] of the first event x2=d2, for the x3=k3'rd time, in system x3.
l1 (quoted letteral) is the first letter of the word v1.
d4 is d2 (default 1) dessertspoon(s)/dessertspoonful(s)/cochleare medium (dstspn./cochl. med.) [volume-unit], standard d3=m1 (default 1 dessertspoon=10 mL),d1 tablespoon(s),d5 teaspoon(s), d6 one ml measuring spoon(s).
d5 is d2 (default 1) teaspoon(s)/teaspoonful(s)/cochleare minus (t., ts., tsp. or tspn./cochl. min.)[volume-unit], standard d3=m1 (default 1 teaspoon=5 mL),d4 dessertspoon(s),d1 tablespoon(s), d6 one ml measuring spoon(s).
x1 is the word with stands for the number x2 in language x3
b1 is the first Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama.
x1 is x2=d2 (default: 1) first days of a set of days (week, month, year) x3=m2 ordered by rule x4=m3 and being a day by standard x5=d3
j1 has the rank of Lieutenant/1st Lieutenant (equivalent of NATO OF-1) in military unit /organization j2.
x1 is a dugout for carrying x2
j1 has the rank of Field Marshall/General of the Army//Fleet Admiral/Marshall of the Air Force (equivalent of NATO OF-10) in military unit j2.
x1 happens once in interval x2.
x1 a single-use tool/implement/implement for doing x2; x1 is designed to be discarded after the first use.
m1 is a unicycle/one-wheeled vehicle carrying m2 in/on surface/medium m3, propelled by m4.
f1=c1 [value] is a/the median/quartile/decile/percentile/fraction-type of median with numerator f2, denominator f3 in property/amount c2 (ka/ni) among p1 (s) (ordered set) by standard c4.
x1 is tempo of rhythmic movement x2 with the unit x3; x1 is a time interval and corresponds to the unit x3 of a form of rhythm of x2.
x1 is a quantity of carbon monoxide (CO)
x1 is a point on time axis, of event/state x2, in system x3.
x1 is secret/hidden from x2 by method x3.
x1 is 1 [1×100] of x2 in dimension/aspect x3 (default is units).
bai'ei (exp!)
unary mathematical operator: successor/augment/increment (by one), succ(a) = a++ = a+1
ca'oi (exp!)
binary operator: complex number from argument and phase, (r, \phi) \mapsto r ei \phi
BIhI argument modifier: indicates dimensionality/length of tuple
cei'a (exp!)
x1 is the year / era of years indicated by PA (digit string) in calendar system x2
de'ei (exp!)
on (n)-th day from a given point (by default from today)
fei'u (exp!)
Prefix division by following unit selbri
fo'ai (exp!)
Creates a predicate abstraction sumti out of a full bridi clause, binding all the necessary lambda variables to the ko'a-ko'u pronoun series. The number of bound variables must be indicated by appending {xi} followed by that number to the word {fo'ai}, unless only one variable (namely {fo'a}) is bound, in which case the {xi} marking is optional.
ja'oi (exp!)
permutation cycle writer notation start
ju'ai (exp!)
Default number radix modifier: changes the value of the default radix assumed for any numeral lacking an explicit radix within the following text, until another {ju'ai} appears.
kau'ai (exp!)
Microdigit-spanning endianness binary-toggle.
kau'au (exp!)
Macrodigit-spanning endianness binary-toggle.
accepts number (n) after: repeat last sumti up to n times
ko'ai (exp!)
Creates a predicate abstraction sumti out of a full bridi clause, binding all the necessary lambda variables to the ko'a-ko'u pronoun series.
arbitrary character string or irregular number
lo'au (exp!)
presuppositional definite article: the …; the thing(s) which …
mai'o (exp!)
turns number into pro-sumti: the abstraction described by the utterance denoted by that number and {mai}
mu'au'oi (exp!)
Discursive: resuming/continuing example - start new example
noi'au (exp!)
number/interpreted mathematical object non-restrictive clause
pau'oi (exp!)
unary mathematical operator: predecessor/diminish/decrement (by one), \operatornamepred(a) = a-- = a-1
pi'au'e (exp!)
mekso ternary operator: extract digit from number; X2nd macrodigit/term of number/tuple X1 when X1 is expressed in base/basis X3.
poi'au (exp!)
number/interpreted mathematical object restrictive clause
se'u'o (exp!)
selbri conversion question
su'ei (exp!)
shows that the first two places have a reciprocal relation
te'i (exp!)
at a point on time axis
ve'oi (exp!)
Close all open mathematical brackets.
vu'ai (exp!)
base-dependent digit: the maximum possible single-digit number expressible in the relevant number base.
symbol string to number/variable
xau'o (exp!)
text to number/variable
mekso convention cancellation
xe'e (exp!)
digit/number: any/non-specific referent; modifies quantifier to indicate that it is not important what the specific members of the referential set are
xi'e (exp!)
scalar subscript
xo'au (exp!)
pro-numeral: the most-recently mentioned full/complete numerical or mathematical string/expression.
xo'ei (exp!)
unary mekso operator: produces a string of n consecutive "xo'e"'s, treated as digits (concatenated into a single string of digits)
xo'e'o'e (exp!)
elliptical/unspecified/vague single-symbol (general)
x1 (digit string/byte, storage system, convention) has endianness x2 ("ce'o" sequence of numbers (li); description (ka?)); x1 is x2-endian.
x1 (plural of ordered pairs) is an exhaustive set (possibly infinite) of inputs/outputs defining a unary function which yields result x3 when given input x2; x1(x2) = x3
x1 is x2 (li; default: 1) dimensionless units on scale/by standard x3.
x1 is an ismu of x2, having the same meaning, but with all places except the x3-th (li/set) zi'o-deleted.
x1 (event/state) is on Monday or the first day of a week x2 in system x3.
x1 (event/state) is in the first month/January of a year x2 in system x3.
x1 is a generic/elliptical-referent/unspecified-referent word of type x2 (ka/selma'o) in language x3.
x1 is a quantity of methane
x1 is a unicorn of type/mythology x2
methane (CH4)
ka'o zei namcu
x1 is a complex number (understood as such).