importe fu'ivla

x1 (entity) imports x2 (entity) to x3 (entity)

See also eksporte

On gloss:

x1 (object/event) is important/significant to x2 (person/event) in aspect/for reason x3 (nu/ka).
jaxnalvai in sense "not"
x1 (object/person) is unimportant/not crucial/doesn't matter to x2 in aspect x3 under circumstances/in instance (in which x1 participates) x4=vf

In definition:

su'ifa'uvu'u (comp!)
mekso operator: plus or minus with order important, (((a±b)±c)±...±z)
x1=v2=j1 finds it important to interact socially with x2=j2 for reason x3=v3 (ka); x1 is extroverted
x1 is any referent of x2 ; x2 has a set of referents, but the difference between the members of the set is not important
x1 imports x2 to x3 from x4 via x5 .
x1=v2=n1 finds it important to be alone in doing/being x2=n2 (event/state/action) for purpose x3=v3; x1 is introverted
x1 is pivotal, extremely important
x3=v1 (object/event) is important/significant to x2=v2 (person/event) in aspect/for reason x1=v3 (nu/ka).
x1 (person) cares about x2 (object/event) ; x2 is emotionally important to x1
x1=v1=t1 is most important/most significant to x2=v2 in aspect/for reason x3=v3 among set/range x4=t4.
Quantifier modifier: endowment of existential import - repeal of existential import/abstention from claiming existence - assertion of non-existence
rau'o (exp!)
flag a quote/sedu'u statement in order to indicate that the text is substantially the same in all relevant important aspects (usually including content), translated with this meaning, "to this/that same effect" - - (nai:) untranslated, original and exact wording
quote marker: indicates that the quotation being marked has experienced exactly no change in meaning/has the original meaning and is the same in all important qualities - approximately the same meaning/having generally the same idea or effect or message - substantially changes in meaning or some important quality
tei'i (exp!)
discursive: Especially, foremost, primarily, chiefly, preëminently, importantly, significantly (laïc or statistics technical sense), in particular, strongly, notably - in common with, commonly, generally, usually, ordinarily, unnoteably.
xe'e (exp!)
digit/number: any/non-specific referent; modifies quantifier to indicate that it is not important what the specific members of the referential set are
x1=v2 finds it important to interact socially with x2=j2 for reason x3=v3 (ka); x1 is extroverted
x1 is any referent of x2 ; x2 has a set of referents, but the difference between the members of the set is not important
x1=v2=n1 finds it important to be alone in doing/being x2=n2 (event/state/action) for purpose x3=v3; x1 is introverted

In notes:

x1 (physical object) is a list/catalog/register of sequence/set x2 in order x3 in medium x4.
x1 is paper from source x2.
x1 possesses/owns/has x2 under law/custom x3; x1 is owner/proprietor of x2 under x3.
x1 is a sign/symbol/signal representing/referring/signifying/meaning x2 to observer x3.
non-logical interval connective: ordered interval with specified endpoint/terminus x1 and signed measure/length/duration x2; interval between x1 and x1 + x according to the ordering of the space.
digit/number: interval/range indicator for significant digits (determined by lesser endpoint).
digit/number: interval/range indicator for significant digits (determined by midpoint).
su'ijavu'u (comp!)
mekso operator: plus or minus, (((a±b)±c)±...±z)
r1 is arthropod meat (body-parts regarded as edible) from species/breed r2=c2.
x1=m1=c3 is romantic to x2=m2; x1 is beautiful to x2 because it follows or is based on some emotional ideal that may not actually reflect reality.
z1=d1 is a plurality of/more than all other subgroups of z2 as separated/classified by property z3=d3 by amount z4.
x1 = d1 = c1 is a member of the class of birds which walk/run/hop as their characteristic/primary form of locomotion, of species/taxon x2 = c2
c1 is a goddess (female deity) of people(s)/religion c2 with dominion over c3 [sphere].
x1 is cloisonné ornamentation on x2 that exhibits cloisons/cloisters/compartments/cells/separated box regions (filled with/meant for) x2 and with separating barriers x3 (usually metal).
c1 is a god (specifically, male deity) of people(s)/religion c2 with dominion over c3 [sphere].
p1 is bikeshedding about lujvo l1 expressed by p3 to audience p4 on grounds (du'u) x5
p1 is bikeshedding about subject p2 expressed by p3 to audience p4
x1 is path-connected to x2 via the (non-gendered/absolute) first-born progeny/primogeniture relation; x1 is the first-born offspring of the first-born offspring of ... the first-born offspring of x2, connected by a graph-path passing through intermediate relations/steps (successive first-born offspring) x3 (ce'o; ordered list), "first" being according to ordering rule x4 (default, as used in this definition: chronological order of birth; restrictions on legitimacy etc. may also be included here).
x1 says x2 to x3 via medium x4, on topic / alluding to x5.
x1 is a term in binary metaphor/tanru x2 (text) with other element (modifying or being modified by) x3 so as to produce meaning x4 in context/usage/instance x5
x1 is the default in/of function x2 pertaining to x3 when no option is chosen/specified from potential/candidate pool (set, list) x4 under additional/other conditions x5
The elapsed time/duration between x1 (nu, or time-/date-stamp) and x2 (nu, or time-/date-stamp) is equal to the elapsed time/duration between x1 and x3 (nu, or time-/date-stamp), such that x2 occurred no later than x3 (thus, x1 is also a temporal midpoint between them), in frame of reference x4.
x1=j2=p3 (ka; jo'u/fa'u term) is the minor difference in/between x2=p2 and x3=p1 that is to be ignored, their similarity being by standard/in geometry x4; x2 is the same as/similar to/parallels x3 in standard/geometry x4 up to/modulo/except for/ignoring unimportant difference x1;
n2=j2 is a rhinoceros of species/type x2
x1 is an axis/center curve/extended center (or, possibly metaphorically, focus 'point') of x2 in sense x3
x1 empathizes with x2, showing same emotion x3 about x4
x1 pertains to/relates to/happens in real-life (IRL) in aspect x2; x1 is (in one sense each, possibly philosophically) not virtual/not via the Internet/not cyber/not simulated/outside of the Matrix/not fantasy/real/realistic
bei'u'i (exp!)
unary mekso operator: nth Bernoulli number Bn of the second kind (B1 = +1/2 = >0).
bi'ei (exp!)
number/digit: 2(2×5/3) = 8×(2(1/3)).
ka'ei'a (exp!)
digit/number: Conway's look-and-say constant λ ≈ 1.303577269…
replace recent mistakenly uttered text
po'i'oi (exp!)
mekso at-most-3-ary operator: convert to polynomial; X1 (ordered list of algebraic structure (probably field) elements) forms the (ordered list of) coefficients of a polynomial/Laurent-like series with respect to indeterminate X2 under ordering rule X3 (default for finite list: the first entry is the coefficient of the highest-degree term and each subsequent entry is the next lesser-degree coefficient via counting by ones and wherein the last entry is the constant term)
se'i'a'o (exp!)
unary mathematical operator: identity function id(a) = a
terbri editor: passes the terbri value through the quoted function so that the sumti that fills it really is filling the output of the function
soi'ai (exp!)
almost all/almost every/almost everywhere (technical sense): there is a non-universal conull subset (the complementary (sub)set of which is non-empty but of measure 0, where complement is taken with respect/relative to the universal set) of such things that are satisfactory.
te'i'ai (exp!)
6-ary mekso/mathematical operator: Heaviside function/step/Theta function of a, of order b, in structure c, using distribution d, within approximated limit e, with value f_b at 0
x1 is an eigenvalue (or zero) of linear transformation/square matrix x2, associated with/'owning' all vectors in generalized eigenspace x3 (implies neither nondegeneracy nor degeneracy; default includes the zero vector) with 'eigenspace-generalization' power/exponent x4 (typically and probably by cultural default will be 1), with algebraic multiplicity (of eigenvalue) x5
x1 pertains to Acheulean technological industry/culture/know-how of period and location (specifics) x2 in properties x3.
x1 (mass/group/set) is the (primary) out-group counterpart to in-group x2 (mass/group/set) with respect to characteristic x3 (ka; truth/proposition), which is possessed/satisfied by x2, where both x1 and x2 are nonempty, strict, mutually disjoint subdivisions of supergroup/superset x4 (mass/group/set), with the othering performed (mentally; not necessarily in a way externally manifested) according to the psyche of x5; x5 others x1 from x2 around focal issue/property x3
x1 is a formal polynomial with coefficients x2 (ordered list) of degree x3 (li; nonnegative integer) over structure/ring x4 (to which coefficients x2 all belong) and in indeterminant x5.
x1 (entity) exports x2 (entity) to x3 (entity)
x1 (digit string/byte, storage system, convention) has endianness x2 ("ce'o" sequence of numbers (li); description (ka?)); x1 is x2-endian.
x1, in aspect x2, reflects the culture/lifestyle/people of a non-native (immigrant/invading/alien) population/culture x3 which at least partially but significantly and somewhat permanently (having established itself) locally supplanted, displaced, or dominated the indigenous/native culture x4 in region x5 (location)
x1 does not exist/is not real/is not actual/is not reality/is fake for x2 under metaphysics x3; x1 is a fakester/huxter (no intention of tricking, because it does not exist).
x1 is an eventual extremal bound/asymptote (one sense)/limsup (limit superior/limit supremum)/liminf (limit inferior/limit infimum) of x2 (set, or ordered pair of a sequence or a function as the first term and the dummy variable (/input (slot)) thereof being considered as the (sometimes elidable) second term) in direction x3 (li) in ordered structure x4.
x1 is a black hole/singularity with radius of event horizon x2
x1 is an absent or deadbeat co-parent of x2, the 'primary' parent of whom is x1.
(font) blackboard bold, mathbb, so-called double-struck type
ka'ozeino zei namcu
x1 is a pure real number (such that its imaginary part is 0) understood as an example of a complex number.