ke'oi KEKEhE experimental cmavo

reverses modification order of contained tanru (does not affect lujvo).

Marks a "selskiski"/"military-style"/"noun-adjective" tanru, i.e. tertau come *before* seltau. This differs from co in that it does not affect the place structure of the sumti to the right; i.e. in mi ke'oi broda brode do (= mi brode broda do), both mi and do are arguments of broda. Default grouping is still left: lo ke'oi ckule nixli cmalu melbi resolves to lo ke'oi (((ckule nixli) cmalu) melbi), which is equivalent to lo melbi ke cmalu ke nixli ckule. co does not (re-)reverse the order of tanru-modification; it only changes place structure. See ke'e'u.

In notes:

Locks tanru modification order reversal (does not affect lujvo). {ke'e'unai} restores regular order
x1 is a selskiski-style (noun-adjective) / military-style tanru with x2 modifying x3, giving meaning x4 in usage/instance x5