e A cmavo

logical connective: sumti afterthought and.

On gloss:

letteral for e.

In definition:

x1 is x2 (def. 1) local weight unit(s) [non-metric], standard x3, subunits [e.g. ounces] x4.
x1 is a ballistic projectile [e.g. bullet/missile] for firing by [gun/propelling launcher] x2.
x1 is x2 (default 1) local volume unit(s) [non-metric; e.g. bushel], standard x3, x4 subunits.
2-word letteral/shift: the word following indicates a new font (e.g. italics, manuscript).
binary mathematical operator: logarithm; [log/ln a to base b]; default base 10 or e.
mekso ternary operator: the generalized incomplete (factorial-extending) Pi function; for input (X1, X this word outputs the definite integral of t^X1 e^-t with respect to t from X2 to X3 (see notes for default values).
convert selbri to mex operand; used to create new non-numerical quantifiers; e.g. "herd" of oxen.
digit/number:separates digits for base >16, not current standard, or variable (e.g. time, date).
digit/number: hex digit E (decimal 14) [fourteen].
8-ary mekso operator: the X1th nonnegative sum of X2 mutually-distinct perfect X3th-powers (i.e.: of integers) in X4 mutually truly-distinct ways, requiring exactly X5 terms to be negative in each sum (counting with(out^X6) multiplicity), requiring exactly X7 terms to be repeated between sums (counting with(out^X8) multiplicity), according to the usual ordering of the integers.
digit/number: exponential e (approx 2.71828...).
number: 1×1018, exa, quintillion; symbol: E
s1 is the fiancé(e)/betrothed of s2 under law/custom/tradition/system/convention s3.
x1 talks to you (i.e. whoever x1 is addressing) about x2 in language x3
k1=g3 is a/are the whisker(s)/sensory hair(s) /vibrissa(e) attached to k2=g1 at body part k3 for the detection of stimuli g2 under conditions g4.
x1 = t1 is the elapsed time required for decaying/diminishing/reducing/shrinking population x2 = g1 to decrease in number by a factor of exactly/approximately 1/e^(x3) from that which is considered to be the initial population size, where e is the natural exponential base and x3 [li; default: 1] is a real number, according to standard/under condition/by model/in experiment x4; x1 is the one-(e^(x3))-th-life of population/sample x2; the (approximate) (x3)-th one-e-th-ing/e-fold decrease(/increase) of population x2 takes approximately x1 (time).
x1 sends spam (e-)mail x2 to recipient [address] x3 from mailbox address x4 by network/system x5
x1 is measures equal to/is a quantum negative electric charge [-e/3; electric charge of a down quark] in electric charge, under signum convention x2 (default: proton has charge equal to -3 times this unit).
x1 is a tool which is used to draw right angles, i.e., x1 is a square.
x1 is x2 (li; default: 1) galactic units (i.e.: the average distance between the center of the Milky Way galaxy and the center of Sol system) by standard x3.
x1=s1=m1 is the material environment/surrounding material (i.e. gaseous/liquid atmosphere, vacuum, etc.) enclosing x2=s2 in direction(s)/dimensions(s)/plane x3=s3=m3, of type/composition including x4=m2.
c1 is an e-book containing work c2 by author c3 for audience c4 stored in computer s1=c5.
sm1 is an e-mail sent by sm2 (agent) to person / computer sm3 from person / computer sm4 by computer network sm5.
xa1 is an e-mail to intended audience xa2 from author/originator xa3 with content xa4.
m1 (agent) sends e-mail m2 to person / computer m3 from person / computer m4 by computer network m5.
x1 is a fraction with x2 divided by e (natural exponential base)
x1 is a musical accidental (e.g. sharp, flat, or natural) modifying note x2 by a change of x3 to a pitch of x4.
x1 is the fiancé(e)/fiançx/betrothed (future spouse) of x2 according to custom/law/agreement x3.
x1 expects/looks for the occurence of x2 (event), expected likelihood x3 (0-1, default {li} {so'a} i.e. near 1); x1 subjectively evaluates the likelihood of x2 (event) to be x3.
ca'oi (exp!)
binary operator: complex number from argument and phase, (r, \phi) \mapsto r ei \phi
e'y (exp!)
letteral for e.
gau'a (exp!)
mekso (no-more-than-4-ary) operator: Gaussian function f(x, a, b, c) = c e-((x-a).
kei'ei (exp!)
digit/number: hex digit E (decimal 14) [fourteen].
ku'o'e'a (exp!)
quod erat demonstrandum, Q.E.D.
li'oi (exp!)
marks word/construct as being optional, i.e. the bridi would still be both grammatical AND reflect the speakers opinion/intention would the marked construct be left out
si'oi'e (exp!)
n-ary mekso operator: Logistical growth/cumulative function, sigmoid function; (X3 / (1 + e^(-X.
Initiator of subordinating adverbial relative clause with leftwards logical scope. The adverbial clause binds the resumptive pronoun {ke'a} to the outer clause, which becomes irrealis (i.e. not necessarily claimed to be true). Terminator: {se'u}.
te'i'ai (exp!)
6-ary mekso/mathematical operator: Heaviside function/step/Theta function of a, of order b, in structure c, using distribution d, within approximated limit e, with value f_b at 0
te'o'a (exp!)
unary mekso operator: natural exponentiation operator exp, where exp(a) = ea \forall a.
vi'ei'e (exp!)
digit/number: Lévy-Khinchin constant γ = e^(π^2)/(12Loge(2)) ≈ 3.2758…
voi'e (exp!)
titular possessive: possessive that is part of a name, e.g. "The Summer of Love", "The Wars of the Roses", "Zeno of Elea"
voi'i (exp!)
titular relative clause: gives a title/name in the form of a relative clause, e.g. "Alexander the Great" or "Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds"
xei (exp!)
digit/number: hex digit E (decimal 14) [fourteen]
xu'e (exp!)
vocative: said/quoth..., used to identify the person speaking a single sentence (e.g. in dialogues)
za'au (exp!)
evidential: mark the sentence as being an observation sentence, i.e. a statement that is not based on the truth of another statement but is instead taken from direct observation.
zu'ai (exp!)
shows mutual activity between this place and the first place of the current bridi; members participating in the activity are put into the first place (that e.g. can be formed by connecting sumti with {ce} or {jo'u})
x1 is measures equal to/is an elementary negative electric charge [-e; negative of the charge of the proton, id est the charge of the electron] in electric charge, under signum convention x2 (default: proton charge is -1 times this unit).
x1 and x2 are in relation x3 with different things (i.e. not the same things).
x1 is a fricassee, pieces of chicken or other meat stewed in gravy with e.g. carrots and onions and served with noodles or dumplings
x1 is Quebecois(e) in aspect x2.
x1 is amai to x2 in aspect x3 (Japanese term); x1 does amaeru; x1 plays baby / catered by / protected by / undulged by x2; x1 depends and presumes upon x2's benevolence; x2 is a rabbi/counsellor to x1 without contractual/conditional relationship; x2 helps x1 cope with x3 (e.g. emotional,social, economic life's challenges)
x1 is pneumatic (i.e., spiritual) in aspect x2 (property)
x1 is psychic (i.e., mental) in aspect x2 (property)
x1 is worldly/material/hylic (i.e., non-spiritual) in aspect x2 (property)
x1 is an image file representing x2 in format x3 and attributes (e.g. size) x4 (ka).
x1 is an online chat "sticker", showing x2, made by artist x3, available on chat medium x4 (e.g. Telegram or LINE).
x1 is a Mexican tortilla, a flat round bread made out of x2 (e.g. cornmeal or flour)
x1 (set) is the unique region/part in the Venn diagram of sets x2 (set of sets; exhaustive) such that each of its (i.e.: x1's) members is a member of exactly each of the explicitly-mentioned elements of x3 (set of sets; subset of x2; exhaustive) and of no other elements of x2.
iu zei tcitygau
x1=g1=xiu "likes"/"loves"/"hearts" (marks with a positive feedback label, e.g. on social media) content x2=t2.
x1 is measures equal to/is a quantum negative electric charge [-e/3; electric charge of a down quark] in electric charge, under signum convention x2 (default: proton has charge equal to -3 times this unit).

In notes:

x1 is white/very-light colored [color adjective].
x1 (person) explains x2 (event/state/property) to x3 with explanation x4 (du'u).
x1 is made of/contains/is a quantity of coffee from source/bean/grain x2.
x1 is a structure word of grammatical class x2, with meaning/function x3 in usage (language) x4.
x1 utters moan/groan/howl/scream [non-linguistic utterance] x2 expressing x3 (property).
x1 requests/asks/petitions/solicits for x2 of/from x3 in manner/form x4.
x1 is local to x2; x1 is confined to locus x2 within range x3; x1 is regional
x1 is a (Lojban) root word expressing relation x2 among argument roles x3, with affix(es) x4.
x1 is a cockroach/orthopteran/termite of order/species/breed x2.
x1 is a bell/chime/[tuning fork] [tuned percussion instrument] producing sound/note x2.
x1 is a corner/point/at-least-3-dimensional [solid] angle [shape/form] in/on x2, of material x3.
x1 is a universe/cosmos [complete and ordered entirety] of domain/sphere x2 defined by rules x3.
x1 is in the past of/earlier than/before x2 in time sequence; x1 is former; x2 is latter.
x1 is a myth/legend, a culturally significant story about x2 in mythos x3 of culture x4.
x1 is old/familiar/well-known to observer x2 in feature x3 (ka) by standard x4.
x1 is a store/deposit/supply/reserve of materials/energy x2 in containment x3.
x1 [ideal] is the conceptual shape/form of object/abstraction/manifestation x2 (object/abstract).
x1 is the Earth/the home planet of race x2; (adjective:) x1 is terrestrial/earthbound.
x1 is stiff/rigid/inflexible/resistant in direction x2 against force x3 under conditions x4.
mekso quaternary operator: polygamma function; for input X1, X, outputs the (-X2)th derivative of Log(ne'o'a(X1, X)) with respect to X1.
mekso binary operator – quotient from integer-division: sgn(X1) sgn(X2) ((abs(X1) - (abs(X1) \% X.
Adverbial, metacommentary-introducing, and complex discursive: I express this utterance/construct/(rest of the) bridi which has been tagged for the purpose or goal of enacting, causing, enabling, implementing, actualizing, manifesting, enhancing, yielding, or rendering applicable the immediately following and enclosed bridi or in order to make the immediately following and enclosed bridi be true (or closer to the truth or more true or more strongly true) in application to the utterance/construct/rest of the bridi which has been tagged by this marker; the tagged expression/construct is for the benefit or sake of making the immediately following and enclosed bridi true.
du'ukau (comp!)
bridi abstractor: x1 is the answer to the question x2
jo'aunai (comp!)
denial of dialect
pecai (comp!)
restrictive relative phrase marker: permanently / inalienably associated with; it is impossible or near-impossible to break that relation
pesai (comp!)
restrictive relative phrase marker: semi-permanently associated to; will remain associated unless something breaks that relation
su'ero (comp!)
digit/number: any number
va'icu'i (comp!)
discursive: in the same words.
x1 is a whip.
x1 [loves/takes great, passionate interest in] x2
x1 is a class (instructional session) on topic x2 taught by x3 to audience x4
x1 is a course (series of lessons) on subject x2, taught by x3 to audience x4
x1 is a hanger for hanging x2
x1 is a musical comma of size x2, a small difference resulting from the different intervallic approaches x3 and x4, in tuning system x5.
x1 is a calendar with rules x2, days/weeks/months/years x3, and properties x4.
x1 (agent) makes x2 sad about x3 (abstraction)
j1 shows the direction of f2 (object/event) to audience j3, that direction being f1
s1=f3 non-agentively/inanimately points at/indicates the direction of s2=f2 to observer s3 as being in the direction f1.
x1 makes x2 angry / mad at x3 for x4 (action / state / property); x1 angers / provokes / stirs up x2.
f1 is the legal system concerning topic f2 in society f3
x1 is a note low in frequency/pitch produced by x2
x1 is a chastity device, for preventing x2 from having sex
x1 basks in light x2.
x1 is a note high in frequency/pitch produced by x2
x1 is genuinely x2 (ka) by standard x3
t1 is an institution governing social/cooperative human behaviour t2.
x1=s1 is a frame from motion picture x2=k1 about x3=k2 [plot/theme/subject/activity]
x1=m1 is a payment card reader for use/function x2=m2, accepting card x3=k1
x1 (number) is the second/second notation of the minute, of event/state x2, in system x3.
mi1=mu1 is pretty/fairly/rather much/extreme in property mi2=mu2 (ka), towards mu3 extreme/direction.
x1 (temperature units) is the measured apparent temperature (humidex, wind chill) of x2 (location) by standard x3
t1 is a quantity of smokeless tobacco/tobacco-based product of/from species/strain t2
m1 forgets fact/memory m2 about subject m3.
p1 is bikeshedding about lujvo l1 expressed by p3 to audience p4 on grounds (du'u) x5
p1 is bikeshedding about subject p2 expressed by p3 to audience p4
x1=s1=c1 (object/event/idea) is impossible to describe under conditions x2=c2 to audience x3=s3; x1 is ineffable
x1 (du'u) is not true by standard/epistemology/metaphysics x2
x1 is the word with stands for the number x2 in language x3
l2 is blurry/indistinct/unfocused at location l3
x1=m1=p2 are the means of production used/employed in process x2=p1=c3 to produce x2=p3=c2.
x1 is a/the capital of x2.
r1=p1 undergoes nuclear fission
s1 is a concept of dualism/an idea that the fundamental part of existence f1 differs/is distinct from/contrasts with/is unlike the other fundamental part of existence f2 in property/dimension/quantity f3, by thinker s2.
san1 is an implosive consonant with place of articulation x2 and phonation x3.
Computer j=1=s1 is connected to computer j2=s1 via medium j3.
g1 (agent) connects computer j=1=s1 to computer j2=s1 via medium j3.
x1=l1=r1=s1 experiences sleep paralysis including x2=l2 (event/experience)
x1=k1=s1 is a closet/storeroom for materials x2=s2 in containment x3=s3 in home/building/structure x4=k2 surrounded by partitions/walls/ceiling/floor x5=k3 (mass/jo'u)
d1 is a dormitory (building/place) where people x2 (complete mass) sleep.
x1 is organic/carbon-based.
x1 is a musical interval of size x2 in tuning system x3.
x1 has an emotional see-saw involving emotion(s) x2; x1 experiences emotion x2 irregularly.
m1 forgets fact/memory m2 about subject m3.
x1 is flexible/supple/limber/bendable/non-resistant in direction x2 against force x3 under conditions x4.
b1 is a Signed Language used by x2=b2 to express/communicate b3 (si'o/du'u, not quote).
v1=x1 is a rotavirus of species/breed/defining property v2 capable of infecting [at] v3.
x1 is credited for x2 (event/action), according to x3
x1 is a zi'evla-based lujvo meaning x2, with arguments x3 from tanru/compound-phrase x4
x1 is measured in x2 (number, default 1) bits/shannons (unit of data/information) of logarithmic base x3 (default 2)
x1 is a (topological) hole in object x2
x1 is medicine used to treat illness/disease x2 ({bilma}/ka/state) via mechanism of action x3 (event) at dosage x4 (ka))
x1 (property of x2) is a stereotype of x2 (object/set), held by x3
x1 is the principal/chief/main/boss/primary/premier in aspect/organizational principle/role x2 (ka) in organization/system x3.
x1 acts Lojbanically cruel/pedantic toward x2 in manner x3 (ka)
forethought emphasis indicator; indicates next WORD only, even if that word is a construct-indicating cmavo
bai'i'i (exp!)
mekso operator: in ordered tuple/list/vector/sequence X1, replace the X2th entry with term X3 of appropriate type, and leave all other entries untouched (optional: where the index for the very first/leading/header entry is X4).
do'au (exp!)
pro-sumti whose referent's identity may be chosen by the listener
fa'ai (exp!)
mathematical ordered n-ary operator: (pointwise) functional left composition; X1 \circ X.
fei'u (exp!)
Prefix division by following unit selbri
ge'ai (exp!)
metasyntactic variable prenex
ge'ei (exp!)
metasyntactic variable marker
afterthought abstraction wrapper
goi'e (exp!)
assign sentence or tu'e...tu'u group to sumti
i'au (exp!)
reset bridi-level to zero
takes NU or LE NU, turns into sumtcita: clarifies the semantic NU-type of the current bridi.
ja'u (exp!)
na'e fancuka modal: no matter (indirect question)...
ji'au (exp!)
attitudinal scope modifier: marks following attitudinal/UI-cluster as applying to the last lexical unit
jo'oi (exp!)
non-logical connective: the more ..., the more...
kai'i (exp!)
Property relativizing determiner / unary quantifier constructor. {kai'i} introduces a predicate whose first argument slot becomes filled by the property made by taking the bridi in which this {kai'i} appears and putting {ce'u} into the argument slot in which this {kai'i} argument was located. Put formally, "kai'i brodi cu brodu" = "lo ka ce'u brodu cu brodi". Additionally, a {kai'i} term has a rightward logical scope, like quantifiers and adverbials.
ka'o'ei (exp!)
imaginary i, comma - spherical coordinates: first coordinate gives magnitude (complex modulus/radius) of the number, the second number gives the angle from the positive real axis measured counterclockwise toward the 'positive' imaginary axis (default: in the primary branch/Arg) as measured in some units (which that number should contain; the contextless default will suppose radians); the angle is not normalized.
ka'oi'i (exp!)
convert bridi into n-ary property claim: xn is such that it fills the n-th occurrence of ce'u in [bridi].
Locks tanru modification order reversal (does not affect lujvo). {ke'e'unai} restores regular order
ke'oi (exp!)
reverses modification order of contained tanru (does not affect lujvo).
accepts number (n) after: repeat last sumti up to n times
ku'ai'i (exp!)
empty/vacuous selbri
la'au (exp!)
start grammatical name quotation; the quoted text is an identifier and must be grammatical on its own.
lai'a (exp!)
text scope alphabet specifier. Sets the alphabet used for spelling until changed.
lo'au (exp!)
presuppositional definite article: the …; the thing(s) which …
mai'i (exp!)
pro-sumti: the universal argument/value; syntactically-contextually and type-permitted maximally generic in its typing
mai'o (exp!)
turns number into pro-sumti: the abstraction described by the utterance denoted by that number and {mai}
nau'o (exp!)
pro-sumti whose referent's identity is unknown to the speaker
no'ai (exp!)
digit/number: absolute zero; nothing; there does not exist; ∄
no'e'u (exp!)
digit/number: liminal zero; neither positive nor negative
connective modifer/limiter
oi'i (exp!)
sentence link/continuation; continuing sentences on same topic with the observative sumti filled with {la'e} {di'u}
pe'ei (exp!)
mark a logical connective as having maximal scope.
roi'i (exp!)
emotion category/modifier: creative, artistic (emotion felt in proverbial/mythical "right brain") - analytic, methodical (emotion felt in proverbial/mythical "left brain")
si'ei (exp!)
numeric suffix: indicates that the number refers to portionality instead of cardinality
su'ei (exp!)
shows that the first two places have a reciprocal relation
te'a'a (exp!)
tekla modal: with key/button... (computer game context)
ti'u'i (exp!)
at the second N of the minute.
tu'oi'u (exp!)
end connective string, set, list such that the set of terms provided is exhaustive.
uei'e (exp!)
attitudinal: excited encouragement
vi'oi'au (exp!)
mekso unary operator: the set of all fixed points of function a
vo'ei'a (exp!)
digit/number: Lambert W(1) constant Ω ≈ 0.5671432904097838729999686622…
opening bracket for VUhO
Any parser parsing the text/sentence/fragment containing this cmavo, must answer that the whole text/sentence/fragment is not syntactically not correct.
zai'e (exp!)
jargon word indicator; indicates next word is a jargon word
zai'o (exp!)
pro-sumti: the empty argument/value; syntactically-contextually and type-permitted maximally generic in its typing
zi'ai (exp!)
jargon word indicator; indicates previous word is a jargon word
zi'e'a (exp!)
converts a following bu-letteral into a sumti representing the musical natural note with that name.
converts a following number into a sumti representing the MIDI note with that number.
zi'e'e (exp!)
converts a following bu-letteral into a sumti representing the musical sharp note with that name.
zi'e'i (exp!)
converts a following bu-letteral into a sumti representing the musical double sharp note with that name.
zi'e'o (exp!)
converts a following bu-letteral into a sumti representing the musical flat note with that name.
zi'e'u (exp!)
converts a following bu-letteral into a sumti representing the musical double flat note with that name.
x1 is called after property x2 by x3
x1 is a value / proof of type / proposition x2 under context x3 in (type / logical) system x4.
x1 is omnivore
x1 is a makefile designed to produce output files / data / event x2 from rules x3.
x1 is a bagel of type x2 (ka)
x1 (text) is written in a dialect where every bridi has arguments expressed in content/patient/recipient/stimulus semantic cases schema
x1 exists/is real in universe-of-discourse x2
x1 is skilled at satisfying property x2, relatively to x3.
x1 (nu) happens together with x2 (nu); x1 happens while x2 (one sense)
x1 is the sensation/qualia (abstract) associated with objects with property x2 (ka), via sense x3 (ka), as sensed by x4
x1 (text / virtual-text-object) is a variable representing x2
x1 is the momentum [vector] of x2 in frame of reference x3
x1 (proposition) is a clause expressing adverbial relation x2 (property of nonce place, has places for ce'u referring to members of x3) and connecting members of x3 (ordered group)
x1 (text) is a clause with adverbial x2 (text) and connecting members of x3 (ordered group of text)
x1 is the port number of process x2 running in computer x3, port number used by protocol x4.
x1 is a crab (type of aquatic crustacean) of type x2
x1 is an (Internet) meme about x2 using format x3.
x1 (group of entity) compete with each other in competition x2 (property of each member of x1) where each member of x1 has goal x3 (property of member of x1) that is the same for all members of x1
x1 has [self-proclaimed] gender x2 (property of x1)
x1 (du'u: proposition or kau-question) cannot be assigned a definite truth-value or answer
x1 tops (sexual position/role) in aspect x2 (ka)
x1 bottoms (sexual position/role) in aspect x2 (ka)
x1 has relation x2 (binary ka) with everything [that has property x3 (ka)]
x1 participates in a cinq-à-sept activity x2 (ka)
x1 is a binary operator in structure x2 which exhibits the Jacobi property with respect to binary operator x3 (which also endows x2) and element/object x4 (which is an element of the underlying set which form x2).
s1 is a butterfly orchid/orchid of genus Encyclia/Sulpitia of species/strain/cultivar s2.
x1 is an arrow symbol
x1 is a selskiski-style (noun-adjective) / military-style tanru with x2 modifying x3, giving meaning x4 in usage/instance x5
x1 performs workout/exercise/training x2 (ka) using equipment/accessories x3.
x1 is a succade, a candied peel of plant x2
x1 is the gospel (religious teaching) testifying of x2 according to x3
x1 is someone with a plurality of cultural identities which matter to them/for relevant purposes, including x2, x3, ...